Photo 1: security inspecting fans outside the gates
Photo 2: the search of fans still continues
Photo 3: Players alighting from the van to the stadium
Photo 4: Manjai’s Musa Baldeh controls
Photo 5: A Banjul players beats pass his marker
Photo 6: Manjai’s Manmsour Dibba tackles
Photo 7: A Banjul player tries to dribble
Photo 8: Banjul’s technical bench
Photo 9: Manjai’s line up
Photo 10: earlier before start of the game
Photo 11: SK East players before gam’s start
Photo 12: Earlier on the referee talking to both captains
Photo 13: SK EAST and Banjul player battling for the ball
Photo 14: East’s Yaya Camara trying to block a Brikama player
Photo 15: Brikama Lamin Colley (N15) makes a charge on an East player
Photo 16: East and a Brikama player vying for the ball
Photo 17: Going down to save a penalty Brikama’s goalkeeper Sidy Silah


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