Wednesday, December 11, 2019

BCC To Close Bank Accounts For Proper Fund Collection, Coordination



The Banjul City Council has passed a resolution to close the many Bank accounts it has, and leave one, in order to properly coordinate the collection of funds.

This proposal was brought forward before members of the BCC by Rohey Lowe, the Mayor of Banjul. Mayor Lowe pointed out the need to close the too many Bank accounts opened by Council; that this will not help them coordinate the proper collection of fund for the Council, because of the difficulty in monitoring them.

On the drive to maximise the revenue base of the BCC, Mayor Lowe said Council under her leadership, will ensure that the irregularities going on will end.

The Banjul Mayor proposed for those receiving monthly allowance to stop receiving daily. Another resolution was passed for the contract of vehicle owned by an individual to collect trash, terminated; that the amount of D1,200 spent per day for the payment of the said vehicle, can take care of other vital development initiatives.

“Council will never use a personal property that will as a results cause expenses, for personal gains,” Mayor Lowe said.

The Mayor disclosed that BCC was losing revenue daily on the operation of the Council’s generator; that this is the reason why she has decided to reconnect to the national power grid.

Updating Council on the ongoing task force, the Banjul Mayor said the team has gone far, and has given certain recommendations which she said, they will act upon.

“We will announce all what has transpired in the recommendations through the media and people will be surprised to hear some of these revelations,” She remarked.

The BCC also agreed to engage institutions housed in Banjul, to ensure that they contribute positively towards fulfilling their dues in providing funds for the City Council’s development agenda.

The Mayor also disclose plans to build the capacity of Councilors and staff of Council, and increase staff motivation. This move was certainly embraced by everyone.

Among a host of issues discussed, the BCC formed oversight committees on finance and economic planning, establishment and appointment, planning and development, culture, ways and means, technical advisory and multi-disciplinary facilitating teams.

The Council meeting was attended by members of the public, the nine Ward and four nominated Councilors, the Clerk of the Council and Chief Executive Officer, the Mayor’s secretary, and chaired by an the Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Lowe.

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