Sunday, August 18, 2019

BCC Opens New Lorry Park



 The Banjul City Council under the leadership of Mayor Abdoulie Bah has opened a new lorry park at Bond road situated within the outskirt of the city.

This lorry park will commence operations today Monday 24th April 2017 by Lorry owners in the country and also ECOWAS lorries that come from the sub region.

“Effective from Monday I do not want any lorry to park along the major streets of Banjul,” Mayor Bah told drivers during a stakeholders meeting at the BCC Chambers on Saturday 22nd April 2017.

Mayor Bah also said that the lorry park will help avoid the unnecessary parking of big trucks along the streets of Banjul causing traffic blockages on the streets. Mayor Bah further added that the smoke emanating from these trucks causes serious pollution making the environment so unconformable for the residents especially does living in the southern part of the city.

Mayor Bah further warns lorry / truck owners to utilize the newly opened park to avoid unnecessary incidents from happening and further indicated that he is working with the police to ensure that the law is applied to the letter for defectors.

Mayor Bah also underscored the importance of unity amongst all stakeholders involved in the lorry business.

Mayor Bah further said that the lorry park has been a priority for the BCC for a very long time but that it was now that they are witnessing it’s coming to be. Mayor Bah urged all stakeholders to “work towards the development of this country through unity”. Mayor Bah further told stakeholders that the construction of certain facilities such as toilets, shades and also the establishment of electricity and water are close to completion.

On his part, Commissioner Lamin Mboob, Police Officer in Charge of the Security Unit of the BCC, emphasised that the unity of all the stakeholders, will go a long way in helping the police to execute their duties with ease.He assured all stakeholders of the commitment of the security unit of the police that he is mandated with the total security of the lorry park.

Ebrima Garba Cham, the Secretary General of The Gambia Workers Union and a member of the interim committee, also took his time by calling on the users of the lorry park to adhere to the advice given to them by the Mayor of Banjul. He further hailed the Mayor for the good initiative taken by the BCC in providing the much awaited park.

Other speakers at the gathering were Mr. Omar Ceesay, the President of the interim committee, who thanked the BCC Mayor for this much awaited initiative.

The meeting was attended by heads of trade unions, representatives of the Gambia police force, lorry owners and drivers of both the Gambia and other Ecowas countries and members of the then Gambia Transport Union which was dissolved by former president Jammeh.

Visiting the site on Sunday 23rd April 2017, one can notice ongoing construction works of toilet facilities and a shed at a very advance stage, within the facilities.

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