Sunday, August 18, 2019

Basse Chairperson Elect Speaks


By: Kebba AF Touray

Foday Danjo, the elected Chairperson for the Basse Area Council, has reiterated his mission to uplift the livelihood of his electorate, upon assuming office. Danjo made this assertion in an interview with this reporter.

Foday said upon assuming office, he will hold a Council meeting with the Interim Committee, so as to secure and implement their recommendations, with the hope of shaping the way forward for Council.

He revealed his ambitions to upgrade the Basse Market, introduce a modern machine ticketing system, review the salary scheme of Staff and Labourers, build the capacity of staff and monitor Council’s accounts, to ensure proper management and control of market dues. Chairman elect Danjo said he will make sure that staff of the Council effectively execute their responsibilities towards a judicious and transparent utilization of Council’ revenue.

“I will upgrade the weekly markets (Lumoo) and provide storage facilities for traders particularly at the Sare Bojo (Lumoo). The 60% of the taxpayer’s money will be effectively and judiciously spent in the form of projects and development to enable taxpayers benefit from their taxes,” he emphasized.

He urged all the villages to establish their Village Development Committees (VDC), disclosing his readiness to collaborate with them and the Board Committees for the development of the area, adding that they are pivotal in the crusade. He expressed concerns over electricity problem in the area. He promised to devise mechanisms to address the menace, which he said is an important component of security especially at night.

On nomination of representatives in the Council, he narrated that the youth rep has been selected, wherein interested applicants have filed in their applications, from which the youth representative will be selected after the interview.

“I wish to implore on my Councillors to be acquainted with the Revised Local Government Act for effective participation and performance of their duties as Councillors. This will ensure that we carry out our responsibilities independently without manipulation or serving the interest of a particular person. Anything we do, we will do it according to the Local Government Act”, he stressed.

He added that they will introduce a Strategic Work Plan in pursuit of their developmental aspirations, to enable them know where their strengths and weaknesses are and try improve on their weak areas, so as to live up to the expectations of their electorate.

He concluded that he will be a servant for his people in fulfilment of his campaign promise to them, ensure the Council walks on the right direction, and control economic mismanagement in the Council, adding that the money is for the taxpayers and as such needs to be ploughed back to them. He expressed thanks and gratitude to all the electorate for their trust in him.

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