Tuesday, July 23, 2019



By Sulayman Bah

Basketball is scaling heights in a football dominated country, says Olympic House head Momodou Dibba.Mommodou Dibba Basketball prexy Papa Njie

Dibba made this remark at the recently staged Annual General Meeting of basketball at the Olympic headquarters in which he was one of the key speakers.

“Basketball used to be a popular sport in this country. But it’s now moving and one of the most popular sports. At our level, the NOC will do all it can to help promote it. Basketball is an Olympic sport and I hope we get to reach there in international Games with this sport,” said Mr. Dibba, who was also a former Secretary General of the then Gambia Football Association (GFA).

Despite hailing the strides registered in the sports, Mr. Dibba did not hesitate to advice the national basketball association of the need for transparency in their dealings.

“Credibility and transparency are important to make sure you are accountable. That is why you are here at this Annual General Meeting,” added Mr. Dibba.

He later announced the National Olympic Committee’s decision to appoint Basketball president, Papa Njie, as its Chef de Mission at the forthcoming Baku Games in Azerbaijan.

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