By Kebba Jeffang
The Bansang Magistrates’ Court presided over by traveling MagistrateLaminCamara, Principal of Damfaye School
Lamin Bittaye on Thursday, January 28, 2016 issued a bench warrant for
Demfaye Basic Cycle principal Lamin Camara after he failed to attend
the proceedings for the second consecutive time.Court also ordered the arrest of all the 3 sureties who bailed the
accused person for failing to facilitate his presence in court.
The court on Thursday indicated that the accused person has failed to
appear in court to answer the two count charges preferred against him
namely the ‘false news publication and broadcasting’ and ‘the libel’
which he denied in his plea, earlier this month. After it was noted
that the accused person had been absent for two consecutive
proceedings and that no information was communicated to them as to why
he has not been coming, the court ordered that a bench warrant be
issued for him to be brought before it.
The trial magistrate also ordered for the detention of the sureties if
they could not provide a title deed.
Foroyaa has confirmed from the court clerk that the 3 sureties were
arrested yesterday and detained at Bansang police station for failing
to secure the attendance of the accused person in court. Each of the
sureties had fulfilled a bail bond of D100, 000 to the registrar on the
4th January, 2015 to end the two weeks detention of the accused person
at the various detention centers, including Janjangbureh prison.
A close source revealed that the 3 sureties were released from the
custody after meeting the conditions.
The matter was adjourned to 8th February, 2016.
It could be recalled that the accused person, Mr. Camara, was accused
of publishing and broadcasting false news to a website abroad
regarding alleged police bribery and also libel for exposing a police
officer on the internet. He denied both the charges.

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