The Gambia Police Force Public relation officer (PRO) ASP Lamin Njie,
has said that the traffic blockage on the Banjul/Serrekunda highway is
as a result of a normal police routine in ensuring that vehicledrivers have regularized their documents in accordance with the law.
This, he explains, is a normal routine that the police are embarking on in
order to ensure vehicles plying through these roads have regularised
all their necessary documents. The Police PRO also mentioned the
ongoing campaign on vehicles with tinted glasses without proper
clearance from the police and to screen vehicles without number
With regards to the long queue at Denton Bridge, he said it is a
security check point where vehicles are checked for security purpose
before entering the city.
“As we all know Denton Bridge is the main entrance to the Capital City
and it is a security check point, where vehicles are subjected to
scrutiny before entering the city for security reason,” the police PRO
His reaction is in connection with the concerns raised by travellers and
drivers on the long queue that they encounter while entering the
capital city.
The traffic jam and a long queue at the bridge according to them,
causes delay in the movement of the vehicles thereby making commercial vehicles
divert to other destinations.
This create transport scarcity for commuters travelling to Banjul and people
going to work and most specially students suffer most as they stand
on the highway especially at Westfield struggling for transport.
Police PRO picture

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