By Ndey Sowe

Lizzie Eunson, a Banker by profession, is also vying for the Mayoral seat of the Banjul City Council, under an Independent ticket. Eunson said the people of Banjul should vote in someone, who has the competence to deliver. Eunson believes that she has the qualification and experience to run the day to day affairs of the City.

At a rally in the City, she told ‘Banjulians’ that she has years of experience as an International Banker and left the Job to work for the city.

“I have a comprehensive strategic plan for Banjul which I believe I can implement for the benefit of Banjulians,” she disclosed.

Eunson said Banjul is the citadel of the Gambia and needs to be developed; that therefore it is to choose the right candidate who can do the job and she is that person.

Eunson who’s slogan is ‘Together we can make Banjul a Capital City by definition and recognition’, said she will embark on women and youth empowerment projects and widen the scope even bigger.

“My vision is to transform Banjul into a vibrant, inclusive and green economy, that leads the way to Gambia’s return to a just and peaceful democracy that respects Human Rights and the Rule of Law,” she said.

She concluded that she is the best Mayoral candidate because she knows about good city development strategies that directly addresses the key issues of health, urban development among many other important things.

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