Sunday, August 25, 2019

Balla Gaye to Modou Lo: We can make it a 15min Punch-up


By Sulayman Bah

Balla Gaye II has spoken tough ahead of his scheduled rematch with Modou Lo, proposing a 15 minutes punch-up before they grapple on D-day.

Christened Omar Sakho, the former Senegalese king of arena had a near open training session in his three-month strength workouts in France where endurance appeared to be his main focus.

In video footages surfacing chronicling his training regimen, Balla has been firing shots at his opponent Modou Lo who’s temporarily based in Spain.

Latest in Sakho’s remarks is his suggestion for the combat be split in halves -15 minutes of punch-up and the remaining quarter of an hour to be only grappling, traditional style.

‘If he’s willing we can make it in two halves. Fifteen minutes of blows and the other fifteen we do ‘mbapath.’ I will suggest we put our staked prizes on offer at the CNG –wrestling overseeing body – if only he’s ready to risk it,’ Balla said, in what’s partly viewed as bluff and a dig coalesced in one go.

Modou Lo has not responded yet preferring to talk back through displaying pictures in show of how far he’s come.

He looked ripped in the viral collage of pictures appearing to have assumed an increased mass.

Balla emerged supreme in the first meeting in 19 seconds–nine years to now.

The rematch promises to be a belter. The unpredictability of the duel has forced majority pundits to sit on the fence, speaking rather guardedly.

A specific date is yet to be picked but it’s expected to be next month with latest reports suggesting January 13th.

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