Modou Lo and Balla Gaye

By Sulayman Bah

Modou Lo and Balla Gaye have been at each other’s necks this week as a predicted war on words ensued in a recent face-to-face.

Kharange Lo and the Lion of Guediawaye are billed to cross daggers January 13th at the Stade Lutte du Senegalaise, the new home for wrestling events.

‘Smacking Balla Gaye is the least of my career priorities. He was on self-imposed exile from the arena following his previous defeat (to Eumeu Sene in 2015) but when I’m done with him this time, he will go into exile and never return,’ Modou Lo retorted to which Balla sarcastically matched up: ‘My statistics surpassed yours and I have achieved what you’ve never attained –King of the Arena – and you will never achieved it. Defeating you is of little relevance to me.’

Modou was inexplicably absent in the previous scheduled face-to-face amid reports he entered Senegal from Spain via Gambia. The fight is a hot topic in the public sphere of Senegambia. Balla emerged winner during the first meeting of what is now a rematch, beating his adversary in 19 seconds.

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