Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Balla Gaye, Gris face-to-face Sunday


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By: Sulayman Bah

The second face-to-face between Gris Bordeaux and Balla Gaye is billed for this weekend.

A charged session is expected after the duo’s previous verbal face off turned tense.

Both wrestlers have been in their hideouts planning a massive upset ahead of the stipulated date of their fight.

However, former King of Arena Balla has been tipped to get an edge over the Tiger of Fass Gris.

‘I assure you that Balla Gaye 2 will beat Gris Bordeaux in an expeditious way. People will know that Balla Gaye 2 is fitter than Gris Bordeaux. I am playing the role of guide for this coming combat,’ Sa Thies who’s on unbeaten run for two years and brother to Balla, says over the weekend.

The comment may well be dismissed as coming from likely quarters but the signed fight between the two is expected to ruffle feathers.

In April, Balla Gaye launched a cheeky provocation on Gris Bordeaux in their first televised face-to-face.

Christened Omar Sakho, Balla elegantly walked towards his opponent ostentatiously stretching his toned arms hoping to trigger a reaction.

Tiger of Fass, Gris, may have been irritated but appeared calm preferring to ignore the exuberance of The Lion of Guediawaye.

The incident, many believe, marks beginning of a likely heated prolong war-of-words in the build-up to a combat slated for January 2018 with the venue to be in the United States.

Adding to the debate, an amateurish footage surfaced appearing to show Balla making for Gris and throwing what looks like innuendoes in the aftermath of their face-to-face.

Both are looking to resurrect their careers after enduring defeat in their previous outings.

Balla has been on a self-imposed sabbatical since his routing to Eumeur Sene in 2015 while Gris got beaten up by Modou Lo last year.

The pair are believed to be paid in excess of 130 million CFA.

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