By Sulayman Bah

Doubless will return to the arena if all goes as planned after signing a deal to battle Balla Gambia.balla-gambia-doubless-combat

Less 2 has been inactive the last twelve months but has opted to resume action after accepting promoter Nasirou Deen’s offer for him to Police Force’s Balla Gambia.

The two have a turbulent past while as wrestlers before disagreement prompted Less to leave the club. And a combat now finalized for the duo to tussle only makes the duel fascinating according to area pundits.

Less will be hoping to seek revenge on Balla Gambia whom he lost to in a previous fight.

However, for the fight to see light of day the current rancor regarding the Gambia Wrestling Association’s forthcoming congress first needs to be resolved – a date of which is yet to be named.

Both wrestlers are understood to have received their advance payments.


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