BY Nelson Manneh

The price of fertilizer has been reduced from 950 dalasis to 700 dalasis according to a press release from the National Food Security Processing and Marketing Corporation (NFSC), previously known as GGC.

It indicates that the price of fertilizer (compound 15; 15; 15; 4) has been reduced to Seven Hundred Dalasis (D700) per 50kg bag with immediate effect. The NFSC stated in the release that it was acting in accordance with a directive from the office of the president.

It further indicates that the said fertilizer is available for sale strictly to Gambian farmers at all the corporation’s provincial depots and Sapu Agricultural Station.

Foroyaa sought the opinion  of some farmers on the matter. Speaking to Foroyaa, Adama Ceesay a farmer in Jarumeh Koto village CRR North said they were expecting the price of fertilizer this year to be far less than D700.

“Though this is a good move from the government, but looking at last year’s rainfall the outcome was not good at all, we were expecting it to be at most D500,” he noted

Mr. Ceesay added that last year’s rainfall was not good. He said they have no seeds for this year’s farming season and they are struggling to buy them as they are very expensive.

Momdou Keita another farmer from Manna village said when he heard the news from the radio he was very happy as they were not expecting such.

He said they understand that it is not easy with the government but they are still urging the government to further reduce it if they can.

“Last year’s rainfall was very poor. Every month I spend D200 to buy rice for my family. Looking at that cost, it is still expensive, though some farmers can afford it but not all of us.” He noted.

Mr. Keita said if the government cannot reduce it further, let them give it to them in the form of loan and they will pay for it at the end of the season.

Gibril Sanneh from Nanie Salikene village said he was very happy when he heard the announcement over the radio as the new government has taken a positive step towards the meeting the request made by farmers.

Mr. Sanneh added that he was expecting the government to give it to them for free of charge.

“The government should consider that last year the season was not good at all. Now we want to buy seeds and the cost of the seeds is very expensive. One bag of groundnuts is D2000 which some of us cannot afford,” he noted.

He said without the help of the government he doesn’t see any way out for the farmers.


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