Friday, July 19, 2019

Australian Ambassador hosts Gambian beneficiaries of Australian scholarships


“The Australian Ambassador, Mr Paul Lehmann, was pleased to host an event with a group of Gambians who have studied under the Australian scholarship program (pictured).

He hosted the beneficiaries during his recent visit to Banjul The Australian Government in total, has provided awards to 44 Gambians to study in Australia since 2011 to date.  The long and short courses have covered a range of fields including agriculture, health and public policy.  As at now a Gambian student is currently completing a Master of Public Health degree at the University of Queensland in Australia under the program.


The Australian Embassy, through its Direct Aid Program (DAP) is also providing support to grassroots at the community level in The Gambia.  The Embassy recently supported Concern Universal in partnership with Women’s Initiative Gambia and the Njawara Agricultural Training Centre (NATC) to implement a project aimed at building resilience for vulnerable households in the Gambia”.  The project was not only aimed at boosting food production and security but will also see the establishment of a community seed network and gardens in the Central River Region and the North Bank Region.  The funding of over USD40,000 for the project will also cater for soil improvement trials in the region.

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