Photo: Sam Sarr, Chairperson NEPA    

By Kebba Secka

Samuel Osseh Sarr, Foroyaa’s Managing Editor on Monday 24 September appeared before the Janneh Commission probing into the financial dealing of the former president and his close associates. Mr Sarr was summoned to produce an edition Foroyaa relating to the purchase of land at Mandinary in 2005.

In his testimony before the Commission, Sarr said, the document he had with him is the bound form of all editions of Foroyaa that were published from 1 January 2005 to 30 June, 2005. He also told the commissioners that edition Number 17/2005 dated 3-6 March 2005 was included in the bound form and contains the article entitled Amadou Samba Claims He Owns ‘Ladulaba’/ As Shell Company Clarifies. This article, he said, was published on the cover and page 2 of the said edition and relates to purchase of land at Mandinary.

At this stage, lead counsel Amie Bensouda applied to the commissioners to have the cover page and page 2 of edition No. 17/2005 admitted and marked as exhibit. She also applied to have it photocopied from a quality and professional photocopier. The application of the lead counsel was granted and the cover page and page 2 of edition No. 17/2005 were admitted and marked as Exhibit 293.

Next to appear before the Commission was the Registrar of Companies Lamin A.K Touray in connection to the business registration of various companies. In his testimony, Touray produced documents of registered companies, certificates of incorporation of companies and shareholders of various companies such as Afro Production Company Limited, Kanilai Family Farms and NAWEC.

The lead counsel applied to the commissioners to have the various bundles of documents of business registration certificates, certificates of incorporation and memoranda of articles to be admitted and marked separately as exhibits. This application was subsequently granted and the documents were admitted and marked in bundles as Exhibits 294, 295 and 296 respectively.

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