Friday, July 19, 2019

Association of Real Estates pays a courtesy call on President Elect Barrow


By Kebba Jeffang

Mr. Samba Camara, President of the Association of the Real Estate Companies in the Gambia, leading the delegation of their membership, paid a courtesy call on President-Elect Adama Barrow to show their readiness to support his new government.

Speaking to this reporter shortly after discussing with president-elect last week, Camara, who is also the Managing Director for Manor Properties, said “we are totally behind him and we will give him full support.”

He added that they are happy that this was a turning point in the Gambia after all. “Since independence, this is real democracy for the Gambia when many opposition parties joined together to elect this new president,” he said.

He said he foresees success in the new government because “Barrow is doing things in the right way, he is asking for ideas, he is listening and meeting with people. In the last Christmas statement he asked of qualified people who are ready for development to work with him which is a good step because he didn’t asked it based on tribal lines but opening doors to everybody and that is how the Gambia should look like.”

Mr. Camara said from their own perspective as real estate developers, Barrow is a good person for them because he knows the market that they are in and he knows most of the problems that they are facing when you come to leasing and land ownership. According to him, Barrow is not new in that and they are happy that he is part of this change for the third republic and they can address their issues as expected.

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