By Yankuba Jallow

Mr. Pa Sallah Jeng

The Mayoral aspirant for Banjul, Mr. Pa Sallah Jeng, has held a massive rally in the country’s city on Saturday, attracting a rousing entourage. Before the rally proper, Mr. Jeng and entourage made a caravan tour of the city of Banjul, attracting supporters and well-wishers in their numbers. And as the evening drew closer, Mr. Jeng and his entourage descended on the junction of Allen Street in Banjul, where he staged a massive rally. The rally which started at 4pm, lasted until late and drew the attention of many city dwellers, both the young and old.

Many people spoke at the rally but the attention of the people was on the man himself, Pa Sallah Jeng. Mr. Jeng promised Banjulians that he has returned to restore the office of Mayor to its normal function and to bring immense development to one of the smallest cities in the world, that is facing some of the biggest challenges of development, despite her size. He said he has returned because he was asked by the people to come back and complete the work and legacy he has started during his tenure as Mayor of the city. He said though the city has limited resources, with collaboration it can advance from the stage it is currently in, to a higher state of development.

He said he has the belief that with the support of the people of the city and with land lords paying their dues regularly, the Council’s revenue will be boosted; that the standardisation of the operations of the City Council, will create more channels to attract revenue to develop the city.

He called on the people of Banjul to unite in order to effect development. He promised that he will work hand in glove with Government to develop the city; that if voted into the office, he will work hard and will never fail them in trust and confidence. This medium contacted people after the meeting and they expressed that they were glad that Mr. Jeng answered to their request to come back and complete the work he has begun.

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