The arson attack on the APRC headquarters is extraordinary. The state media decided not to focus on it. The non state media however has given it appropriate coverage. The question that people have been asking is the identity of the perpetrators and their motive. The police told Foroyaa that investigation was on. The closest official source is Mayor Yankuba Colley, the APRC national mobiliser. He blamed political bandits but maintained that investigation was on.

It is important to give correct information to the public. Speculation on such matters could lead to suspicion and witch hunting.

It is therefore important that the public is fed with correct information on the identity and motive of the perpetrators. The APRC is the party that is in control of executive and legislative powers. The burning of its headquarters is national news of profound interest.

Foroyaa will intensify its investigation as many conflicting information on identity and motive continue to spread.

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