The four people from Senegal who were reported to be arrested near the Gambia-Senegal border recently and detained at Bansang police station were eventually released yesterday, 19 April, 2016, according to a police source.

The source indicated that the four were initially charged with entering the Gambia without a permit and were supposed to appear before the magistrate court today.

It was reported that three Senegalese and one Camerounian, who are said to be officials and consultants working for Senegalese ministry of the environment, were arrested by the Gambian security near Medina Yoro Foula on the Gambia-Senegal border recently and taken to Bansang police station for allegedly entering the country without authorisation.

This incident was also widely reported in the Senegalese press.

When Foroyaa contacted the Police PRO on the issue, he said he is not aware but promised to enquire and get back to this reporter.


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