Wednesday, July 17, 2019

‘Arrested Officers Will Appear In Court’ Acting Police Chief


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By Mustapha Jallow

Mr Mamour Jobe the Acting Inspector General of Police Wednesday said that the cases of detained police officers would be brought before the court as soon as possible.

“It’s hopeful that probably before the end of the week their cases will be mentioned in a court of law and the court will decide what next would take place,” he said at a press conference held at the Police Headquarters in Banjul.

According to Acting IGP these officers arrested in relation to their alleged involvement in the Faraba incident which resulted to injuries and deaths, are presently under suspension; but are yet to be formally charged.

“There’s no charge yet because you can only charge if you conclude an investigation since it is at the end of investigation that you will determine whether a crime in the first place is committed and that can be obtained during the cause of your investigation. This is the legal processes that are supposed to take place in all cases that involve crimes. You don’t arrest and charge like that but you investigate where death has happened and look at what involved the death and once the case is investigated those that interpret the law will look at the basis of the evidence and will recommend the proper charge to be applied,’’ he said. In conclusion, he said they’ve also completed their investigation into the death of Haruna Jatta and a report file was sent to the office of the Attorney General and they are yet to get legal advice. “Like I said all that needed was done on the ground and it’s now left with the legal body to look into it and see what appropriate actions are to be take,” he said.

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