By Nelson Manneh

Amadou Jallow a bread supplier residing in Tallinding, on Monday the 1st January 2018 said he was attacked by two men on his way to supply bread to his costumers.

Mr. Jallow confirmed to this reporter that in the early hours of Monday morning, he took his motor-bicycle to supply bread to his costumers as he normally does every morning but he was assaulted and trespassed by two men.

“On my way going I met two men around Serrekunda Lower Basic School. They came out  from their hiding under a mango tree and rushed to take my bag which was on the motor bicycle,” he said.

Mr. Jallow who was in tears as he spoke, added that during the push and pull with the two gentlemen the motor bicycle fell on his leg and he sustained a minor injury on his leg. The loaves of bread that he was carrying on the motor bicycle totalling about fifty dozens were all destroyed and the motor bicycle was damages.

“I spent seven hundred dalasi (D700.00) to repair the motor bicycle,” he said.

The young man said he is a family man with two wives and five children. He added he earns his living from the sale of bread.

Mr. Jallow said he did not go to work for two days after the incident due to the injury he sustained on his leg from the attack.

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