Thursday, August 22, 2019

Are The Political Parties Campaigning For Elections Or Building The Foundation Of A Multi-Party System?


What type of constitution do the political parties want? What type of electoral system do they subscribe to? How should the political parties relate? What was the purpose of this transition? Was it just a short cut for some people to reposition themselves in the power structures of the state or was it to empower the people to become free to think, scrutinise and take decisions on the type of state they want, to ensure that their needs and aspirations are addressed.

The political parties have more to gain if the politics of the country is free from storm and stress. Decency in politics allows the citizenry to be critical thinkers and capable of making informed choices free from inducement or intimidation. Antagonizing each other by tearing party emblems and destroying other symbols could only lead to verbal and physical assault or confrontation and endless animosity to the detriment of peace and stability. Poor people do not win when they remain poor after fighting other poor people for the sake of party or party leader. This is the time that they should be empowered so that they would not become canon fodders in the battle between their leaders. The change came so that they can identify, know and defend what serves them.

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