Reports reaching Foroyaa indicate that magistrates at the Brikama Magistrates Court who are eight in number, are provided with only one vehicle to ferry them to and from work. According to reports, when the vehicle has breakdown magistrates who are not mobile cannot go work, resulting to endless adjournments of cases and delays in proceedings.

Attempts to get the principal magistrate to comment on the matter have not yet succeeded but Foroyaa will continue its effort to get his comments.

Needless to say, adjudicators deserve respect and dignity and must be well paid to encourage them to do their work independently and impartially, in accordance with section 120 sub section (3) of the Constitution which states:

β€œIn the exercise of their judicial functions, the courts, the judges and other holders of judicial office shall be independent and shall be subject only to this Constitution and the law, and, save as provided in this Chapter, shall not be subject to the control or direction of any other person or authority.”

Subsection (4) of this section imposes a responsibility on the executive thus:

β€œThe Government and all departments and agencies of the Government shall accord such assistance to the courts as the courts may reasonably require to protect their independence, dignity and effectiveness.”

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