16 years have elapsed since children were shot with live bullets without just cause. They were all unarmed and had no link to any movement aiming to perpetrate violence against security personnel or state officials. Students were outraged by the over reaction of the security forces.

Those who were fourteen years in 2000 are now thirty. They are no longer children. They are now ready to take responsibility for their country.

This should teach every government which presides over the affairs of a country to do so with the aim to protect the citizenry instead of coercing them. No one could be proud of the history of massacring young people.

It is therefore hoped that a review will be made of the cases of those who suffered and are still experiencing medical problems so that they will be able to get urgent treatment.

Those who experience psychological trauma should also be given the support that is necessary to overcome their challenges.

Justice is still waiting to be done for families who have lost children.

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