Lamin Cham Returning Officer

By Fatoumatta K Jallow   


Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) on Tuesday 13th March 2018, nominated seventeen candidates out of nineteen wards for Local Government Elections.

The candidates nominated are vying for councillorship yesterday at the IEC Kanifing Regional office.


The Names of the 17 candidates is as follows: Bia  Madi Jammeh Sabiji Ward, Lamin Sambou Faji Kunda Ward, Pa Lamin Gibba Abuko Ward, Ebrima Tamba Banta-Ba/ Borehole Ward, Sulayman Jammeh Bundung Six Junction, Aja Rohey Sanyang Bartez Ward, Abou B. Jallow London Corner Ward, Joseph Manga  Latrikunda Yiringan Ward, Lamin Tombong Jarju Manjai/Kotu Ward, Abdou Bojang Kololi Ward, Isatou M Conteh Dippa Kunda Ward, Buba Badjie Talinding South Ward, Babucarr Mansally Talinding North, Ms Haddy Gomez Bakau Cape Point Ward, Alagie Bahoum Bakau New Town, Kebba Ceesay  Ebo Town and Lamin Charles Camara. 

Bai Madi Jammeh Sabiji Ward said he is contesting because of his competency and capability, adding that his motive is development and the public interest.

Lamin Sambou Contestant for Fajikunda Ward, said that as a Gambian, he has the right to contest in the upcoming election, and also has a great hope for winning this election.

Pa Lamin Gibba Contestant for Abuko Ward, said it is very important for him to participate in this election especially as a young able youth. “I believe to work hard and bring development to the youth folk of Abuko,” he emphasised.

Sulayman Jammeh contestant for Bundung Six Junction Ward said he is participating for the second time and with hard work and dedication as far as Bundung Six is concerned, he has proved to the people that he can bring more projects to both women and the youth.

Aja Rohey Sanyang, contestant for Bartez Ward said she is contesting to promote the advancement of women and the youth.

Lamin Cham Returning Officer for independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for Kanifing Administrative Area urged all nominated candidates and supporters to be law abiding citizens and do their campaigns peacefully. 

In his statement, he said every candidate is given a code of conduct for the campaign rules, the reason for it is the candidates and supporters should desist from the use of vulgar language and avoid violence and anything that would bring chaos in to the whole campaign. 

Cham said, “I am urging all candidates and supporters to  abide by the code of conduct that has be given to them and to avoid any conduct or practice that may fault campaign rules, because if you violate whatever the Law says it may lead to cancelling of your candidature”.  

Mr Cham said in this local government elections, none of the candidates are given acceptance letters, this is because “we don’t want to give you acceptance letter then later if we find out issues about you which can nullify your candidature, it will be unfair to tell you bring back the acceptance letter”. 

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