By Aji Musu Bah Daffeh

The Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction (APRC) party on Monday, 14 November 2016, commenced its aprc-holds-rally-in-essaunationwide tour with their first meeting held in Essau where they were welcomed in ambiance.
Upon arrival in Barra, the President and entourage were welcomed by jubilating crowds consisting of civil servants, chiefs, security personnel, youths and students amongst others.

Speaking at the meeting, the Minister of Youths and Sports, Alieu K. Jammeh, while thanking the youth delegation and students for their massive turnout, said North Bank is the only area since the inception of APRC that always emerge first position during Presidential Elections. He added North Bank is a pacesetter in Agriculture.
Mr. Jammeh continued that the first project in North Bank Region was initiated by the President and is called the Songhai project which gave way to many other projects and more are yet to come. He advised the youths to work hard to take the nation forward and hold onto Agriculture.
The APRC Campaign Manager, Balla Gaba Jahumpa also known as Action Man, empasized the developments brought by the Jammeh administration. According to him, President Jammeh has brought and is still bringing developments to the nation noting that there was no development, no good ferries amongst others in the 30 years of the PPP government.
Hon. Jahumpa stressed that all the bridges in The Gambia are constructed by the president such as Pakaliba, Sarra Alpha, Pasimash, Tanji and Balili Mansa bridge at Kerewan.
He then said that after the ‘revolution’ in 1994 Essau Senior Secondary School was built by the President. Politics, he said is about nation building and not tribalism.
The National Assembly Member for Lower Nuimi, Hon  Sheriff Hisbah Hydara continued to say that from Barra to Amdalai, there were no high schools but currently they have seven high schools which is abundant development. According to him, no party has done what the APRC has done for them, and the way to return the favour is to vote for President Jammeh.

Speaking on behalf of the women, Aji Jas Lowe, the women leader, while welcoming the President to the North Bank Region, assured the APRC Leader that their percentage will still remain as the first position holder in Presidential elections.
She said they should be their own soldiers and they will always remain in front because President Jammeh is the one they see.
President Jammeh who is APRC Party Leader, speaking to the people of the North Bank, said they always emerge first in the three previous elections.
“I last told you that I’m not going to campaign and I will not campaign because Gambians should know what is good for them,” he said.
President Jammeh continues, “it is my obligation to take good care of my people and this is the moment that we should respect one another”.
According to President Jammeh no one has the right to intimidate anyone. Commenting on tribalism, he described it as ungodly and said anyone who practices it is always left behind. He buttressed that everyone has the right to vote for their own choice and that no one should be forced to vote for him.

The President assured them that by 2019, there will be seven colleges in each of the regions, free university education for all and free medical health care for all and The Gambia will be the economic super power before 2021.
He concluded by saying, “we campaign for peace and security and not for violence because violence is like bushfire as you can know where it starts but don’t know where it will end, so let us campaign peacefully, vote peacefully and then celebrate in grand style”.


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