APRC Committee for Busumbala Constituency

By Louise Jobe

The APRC Committee for Busumbala Constituency, insist that former deputy party leader MA Bah, should come back to the party. This statement was made on Sunday 14th October 2018. “We want all those who left the party whether voluntarily or not, to come back to the party,” said Alhagie Sanyang, Social Secretary of the Committee.

Sanyang said they want the party to keep growing than for people to leave and call on Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the party leader, to do something about this by uniting the members of the party.

Lamin Ceesay, the Councilor for Brikama Nyambai Ward, said they want M.A. Bah and Jerrehnding Jarju, to return to the fold of the party and called on the Executive to respect the Constitution of the party that was drafted by their former leader Yahya Jammeh, and to reunite the party.

Ceesay said during the Council Elections, Modou Alieu Bah used his own funds to pay the nomination fees for all the APRC candidates; that they know all those who are loyalist to their party.

Rohey Sanyang, the former Councillor for Serekunda Bartez, and Isha Ceesay, the women mobiliser for Lamin CDC, both expressed disappointment with the Executive Committee of their party.

Jerrehnding Jarju who said he is now back with the party, called for unity among party members. He urged APRC members to come together and unite among themselves.

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