Initially, many people felt that the Electoral reform of 2015 had tied the hands and feet of the Opposition and would provide the incumbent to be elected unopposed. Today no one doubts that the forces in the Opposition are building up. Many people who once thought that change through the ballot box was impossible are now asking others to be ready to vote.

Apparently, voter apathy is gradually disappearing. It is not clear how many of those people who add up to 886,578 voters would vote for the incumbent. It is therefore, fair to say that the 2016 presidential election has the capacity to yield many surprises, it appears that a formidable Opposition is galvanizing on the sidelines. What will happen on 1st December 2016 is yet to be decided. History is in the making.

FOROYAA will continue to monitor the two sides of the Opposition that are currently known to be testing their support base for 2016.

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