Foroyaa has followed the development in Kanilai from beginning to end. It has been in touch with people who gave counsel and encouraged the political leaders in Foni Kansala to take charge of their responsibility to give guidance in tense times.

Since life was lost on the side of the demonstrators and no injury reported on the side of the security forces the reaction of the state should not be one of indictment but one that is tempered with the intention to find a solution to a problem. Now that death has occurred and injuries inflicted, the primary task is to tell the public that investigation will be done to understand the causes and consequences of the demonstration and take measures that are reasonable and justifiable in any democratic society.

We expect a coroner’s inquest to be conducted. This could be followed by an independent commission to look into the causes and consequences of the Kanilai demonstration and offer remedies and recommendations to prevent any recurrence. This is the way forward.

Any Gambian who opposes the taking of measures that are reasonable and justifiable in a democratic society is not interested in peace and development.

Needless to say, one fundamental lesson that every democratic government should adhere to is to steer away from excessive use of force regardless of the intensity of any provocation.


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