Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Ambu Drammeh not among released detainees


By Muhammed Sailu Bah Relatives of Ambu Drammeh (Hambu), the mentally deranged young man, who was earlier reported released from detention, have confirmed that he was not among those detainees who were released alongside the pardoned convicted prisoners.Visiting the Foroyaa office yesterday, 26 August, Ambu’s elder brother accompanied by one of their uncles, explained that the family was highly optimistic when they heard that the President has ordered for the release of convicted prisoners and detainees as they were expecting and praying for their loved one to be among them. He said they were all disappointed when it was later found out that he was not among those detainees who finally regained their freedom. “We welcome the president’s decision to release detainees and are therefore appealing to him to release our brother who is mentally disturbed,” said the elder brother. The two relatives indicated that the family is appealing to the president to release Ambu who is being held incommunicado at Mile Two prison for more than a year now. Ambu was initially held and released. He was subsequently arraigned by the police before the Brikama Magistrates’ Court, which ordered for him to be taken to the ‘Tanka Tanka’ Psychiatric Hospital to undergo treatment. It was reported that some state security agents came to their home in Farato where he was picked up. He was briefly held and later released to return home and that after less than a week he left for Kerr Pateh for local treatment and while he was away the state security agents came for him again but were told that he had left for the village. According to a family source, the security agents went to his village where he was picked up and later brought to Police headquarters in Banjul. He was held there for only two days and then taken away. When the family checked for him at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), they were told that he was not with them. They searched for him at both the Brikama and Yundum police stations, as well as Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital but without success. He was eventually traced at the Mile Two Central Prison but could not be accessed by family members.]]>

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