Photo: Papa Sow pictured left will be up against a fast-rising Ama Balde seen on the right

By Sulayman Bah

Ama Balde will slug it out with Papa Sow in a must-watch wrestling battle tomorrow.

The Stade Leopold Sedar Senghore will be the venue hosting the clash in what sure will be a do-or die battle for both wrestlers.

Pikine-based Ama has his sights on joining the A-list wrestlers but must rid himself of Papa Sow first who’s fighting tooth and nail to redeem a shredded reputation.

The Club Falai Baldeh’s heavyweight goes into Saturday’s crunch showdown armed with confidence after coming straight top in a four-man tournament which comprised Zoss, Gouye Gui and Baol-Mbolloh’s star Tapha Tine in 2015.

For Sow, tipped to replace Gris Bordeaux as club Fass main fighter, reels into the weekend derby on the back of a defeat to Lac de Guier.

Both are attacking-minded and vowed to go on the front in their public training held this week.

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