By Kebba Jeffang

At the time of going to press, reports have emerged from the Upper River Region indicating that three supporters of the APRC party who are currently on a nation-wide tour, were allegedly injured by natives of Mankamang kunda village, the home settlement of President Adama Barrow, as the convoy passes through the community. Foroyaa decided to contact Police Spokesperson David Kujabi, to confirm the report but he did not respond to the call.

Foroyaa contacted Seedy Njie, a member of the party’s leadership who confirmed that the allegation is a true story. Njie explained that the convoy was coming from Dembakunda in URR, heading to their next destination in the Central River Region-South, and where to pass through Mankamang Kunda village.

“This was when a boy came from inside one of the compounds on the right side of the road from the Basse end, and started throwing stones at some people sitting on top of one of the ‘gelegele’ in the convoy. They stopped and tried to ask him what the problem was. In the process people started coming from every direction in the village. One hit Rohey Janneh with a pestle on her right hip, just below the rib and one Oumie Gibba was hit with a hammer, also on her back,” he said.

According to Njie, the boy who was hit with a hammer on the head is injured and is admitted at Bansang Hospital; that the other two girls are also at the hospital but cannot confirm if they will be admitted as well. He said the incident happened around 5pm on Monday.

Mr. Njie said two police intervention officers were on the ground, one of whom actively controlled the situation.

Foroyaa will contact the PRO today during working hours, to get a full story of this incident.

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