Sunday, February 23, 2020



On 19 January 2017 President Barrow assumed office. On 6 April 2017 Gambians went to the polls to elect members of the National Assembly. The National Assembly has had two sessions.

However the general public is still ill informed on the policies of the government because of the fact that the president has not addressed the nation on the policies of the government since his inauguration.

Now that the president intends to address the National Assembly today, people are expecting the elaboration of a legislative agenda touching on constitutional and legal reforms. One would expect a plan to include a two term limit in the constitution, the establishment of the absolute majority principle which will give rise to the second round of voting and so on and so forth.

The state of the economy and the social institutions in the country, the issue of transitional justice should be made clear. The whole package for the development of the country should be revealed today.

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