By: Abdoulai G. Dibba

The Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Omar A. Jallow, has informed farmers that his ministry under the administration of the Barrow government will do everything possible to revive the defunct cooperative societies.

The Agriculture minister asserted that the Barrow administration through his ministry will revive the defunct cooperative societies in order for farmers to get what they want and have peace of mind.

The Agriculture Minister made these remarks during visits to projects sites and farming communities in the North Bank, Central River, Upper and Lower River Regions of The Gambia respectively, from 23 to 26 May 2017.

According to Minister Jallow, the Agricultural sector needs to be reformed to bring back the cooperative societies as they used to be in the 1960s.

‘‘The cooperative societies then, were given fertilizer and seeds which they in turn give to their members on loan, that will be paid back after selling their groundnuts to the seccos,’’ Hpnourable Jallow said.

He said government would put agricultural development as its top priority and that is why, “the new government intends to invest in good seeds, revive cotton production, enhance horticultural development through the building of processing plants, storage facilities and cooperative societies for proper marketing” he said.



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