Hence Foroyaa is still wondering why family members of persons who are allegedly accused of being part of the insurgents are still being held in custody after 72 hours. Those who hold solidarity marches or pay solidarity visits should also raise the issue of arresting relatives and detaining them without charge for more than 72 hours. Where are these people being detained? Are they sleeping on proper beds? Are they getting proper toilet facilities? Do they have clothes to wear and places to take shower? Do they have proper nutrition? Are they given proper medical attention? Do they have freedom to move about and get fresh air? Are they allowed visitors? Do they have access to legal counsel? If the answer to any of these questions is in the negative then the person detained is being subjected to inhumane treatment. We hope the new Attorney general will work on the establishment of a Human Rights Commission so that it would play a more active role in monitoring the human rights situation to challenge any violation of rights. In the absence of this all human beings of conscience should continue to raise their voices on a daily basis against all violation of rights.  ]]>

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