Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Afrijammoo- Cradle of Humanity co-memorate African Liberation day


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By Louise Jobe

Afrijammoo joined others in Africa and the world yesterday to celebrate and remember Africa Liberation Day at the Students Monument at West Field Junction.

Mr. Barham Samba Sowe  the co-ordinator and master of ceremony{ M.C} of the occasion in his opening remarks said, “It is a very special occasion for us who have been working hard for many years with our mentors here striving for the emancipation for the African people. But some of us who are younger are trained and mentored by our elders whom we thank for coaching us and we hope we can take the baton over to you people.

Mr. Sowe went on to say that the Pan African movement has been existing for a long period and diverse uses and organization methods have been employed for the liberation of African people. He drew a distinction between the Organisation of African Unity and the African Union but indicated that he could not dwell on that at the time.

Mr Halifa Sallah the guest speaker and awardee in his speech said a gathering is a school and this why human beings are capable of doing similar things. That is why, he said, “we have transformed freedom of expression into a right of every human being, so that we can gather and exchange ideas in order to enrich our minds, because our minds must speak the language of knowledge in order for us to become the architects of our destiny. It is important to understand the significance of this day; those of you who understand the significance should see yourself embracing a large movement.”

He indicated that the objective is to ensure the collective liberty, dignity and prosperity of the African people. He then posed the questions: “Why are we still dependent? Why are we still unable to become the architects of our own destiny?” He then went on to say that in 1957 when Ghana became independent Nkrumah made it very clear that the independence of Ghana was meaningless unless it was totally linked to the total liberation of the African continent, the total independence of the African continent.

“Today you and I must be prepared to move forward. Unless we move forward Africa cannot move forward.  He then explained that the subject for discussion on the occasion is what we need to move forward.

He then went on to say that, “Nkrumah realised that Nations must be free before the people became free and that is why when we became independent we had to move forward to become a republic.”

He then explained that Chapter 1 section 1 of the constitution says Gambia is a sovereign republic. “It means that your country must not owe any allegiance, obedience or adherence to a foreign power or state,” said Hon. Sallah.


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