By Alhagie Sora
Libya is now without one Central Government. Gambians who take theKebba Gassama, father of the detainee (Abubacar Gassama
risk to pass through Libya have been reporting their ordeal, which
includes robbery, extortion, torture and even death.Mr. Kebba Gassama, is a desperate father who visited the Foroyaa
office early yesterday morning to appeal to the authorities through
this medium for help so that they could intervene to facilitate the
release of his son and several other Gambians who are claimed to be
incarcerated in a prison in Misrata, in Libya.

He said Misrata is about 1000 kilometres away from the capital, Tripoli.

According to Mr. Gassama, his son (Abubakar) left the Gambia about 15
months ago in search of greener pastures. He said his son told him
that they were arrested by the Libyan security agents while trying to
cross over to Europe.
“My son (Abubacarr) said they are detained together with other
different nationals, including Senegalese and Nigerians, but added
that the Senegalese authorities rescued their citizens and have
repatriated them since,” said the distraught father.

He lamented the living conditions there which he said are inhospitable
and that the prisoners are subjected to degrading treatment on a daily

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