Thursday, July 18, 2019

A young sickler appeals for sponsorship for treatment


BY Nelson Manneh

A 25 year old young female sickler (name withheld) is seeking for help in order to facilitate her treatment abroad.

She was referred to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital on an account of an acute abdomen and diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. According to her medical report, she was assessed and found to have acute vaso occlusive crisis among others. She currently still has complaints of recurrent abdominal pains, vomiting, general body pain and passage of blood stained tools at times. The report further adds that she is found to be chronically ill looking, pale and afebrile, her abdomen is soft and non-tender.

The recommendation is that she be evaluated by a gastroenterologist for the colitis and managed by the physician for the sickle cell disease.

Her parents are calling on any Good Samaritan, Government, Non-governmental Organisation and individuals to come to the aid of their child. The parents can be reached on the following numbers 7286700\ 7299785 and 7014182; or through Foroyaa on 9834076.

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