Thursday, July 18, 2019

A Sensitive Government Must Be A Realistic Government



Foroyaa has been monitoring the farming season through its Farmers Eye. Heavy rain followed by a dry spell has transformed the farming season into an erratic one. That is why Foroyaa has recommended for the state to investigate the farming season.

The decision by the National Food Security Council to declare a state of food insecurity exists in country is a step in the right direction. Indicators so far tend to give the impression that crop failure is likely to be experienced in some parts of the country. Since the government has taken note of the early warning signs of crop failure, it is important for it to build the data base of the state of food insecurity in different regions in preparation for distribution of any support that may come with efficiency. What happened in Niani should not happen again. To keep 4.5 million dalasis in a bank account when those who need disaster relief were known is not the best sway to manage disaster relief.

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