Elections are national events. Nomination for election constitutes the starting point of the concrete contest for elections.

At this very moment there are prisoners who are incarcerated because of politically motivated actions. Such prisoners are victims of their own conscience. They are called political prisoners.

They deserve to be released unconditionally before the 1st December presidential election as an effort to promote national reconciliation. They are detainees who have been kept in prison or security cells without being charged of any crime, such as Dembo Touray Darboe, Sarjo Jallow, Imam Ousman Sawaneh, Madikay Faal, Imam Colley, Imam Cherno Gassama, Haruna Gassama, Seedy Jaiteh, Ousman Jammeh and others.

We therefore hope that before the election all these people will be released without any condition.

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