The removal of former President Jammeh from power has instilled a new lease of life in the people and has opened many avenues for democratic dispensation. People feel free and do express themselves freely in word and in action.

Protests and demonstrations are no longer a taboo but are becoming a democratic norm. Ministers are now marching proudly to demonstrate their support for a just cause as in the case of the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Information and the Minister of Youth and Sports, who together with the EU representative joined the survivors of April 10/11 and relatives of Gambians who have disappeared in the commemoration of the massacre of students in 2000.

The people are no longer satisfied with regime change. They want more. They are yearning for liberty and prosperity and are even demanding for it. They are seeking for justice and fair play. They are demanding for good roads, regular supply of electricity and water, fertilizer, storage facilities for vegetables, etc. They can no longer be taken for granted as in the era of Yahya Jammeh.


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