New Arena King

By Sulayman Bah

Desolate and routed, Bombardier cut quite the overwhelmed figure following his spanking by Eumeu Sene.

The man who’d been the arena big shot the last three years, got up from his kneeling posture and dusted himself of the sand that encrusted his hands and knees.

With defeat etched on Bombardier’s face, it was a sad day in office for the Mbour camp –one they will have to live whether they love or loathe it.

The juggernaut of Club Tay Singer, succeeded where the arena’s most revered personalities –Balla Gaye and Modou Lo –failed.

It capped off a night of festivities and season of success for those who rooted their money for Sene, christened Mamadou Ngom.

Diminutively built Ngom has not only proven his doubters wrong but put to shame all those who took size for a determinant of success.

A former Club Bul Faleeh man, Eumeu closed in on his opponent at start of the fight as the two went into a pattern of hand-swinging. The arbiter halted the fight before matters resumed with Bombardier feigning an attack.

Then he exploded – throwing a blow which Sene returned with much determination.

39-year-old Eumeu caught his opponent in the face while the 41-year-old Bombardier also landed a ferocious right-hander. The blow appeared not to have destablised Sene but he veered into a momentary retreat before charging forward.

The Club Tay Singer big-shot’s tactic of quickly diving beneath his adversary and retreating paid off. Bombardier fell for it. Without giving it a brief pause, he sprang on Sene whom he could merely grab by the shoulders and his weight failed him, as he went crashing unbelievably on all fours.

Unable to react fast, Eumeu grabbed him by his smalls and pinned him down amid uproar.

It was a success trip to the crown at the first time of asking.


On the back of this win, a new pathway has now been opened with more potential rivals at Sene’s trail. Fighting Tapha Tine, a rematch with Balla Gaye or Modou Lo are all now a possibility. So can Mamadou Ngom retain this crown and staff? It won’t be long until we found out.

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