In order to prevent impunity a justice system is established by all civilised societies with the aim to give every accused person a fair hearing so that justice is done and is seen to be done by all fair minded human beings.

Fair hearing commences with presumption of innocence. The second pillar is to be taken before an Independent and Impartial tribunal. The third is to be afforded the right to defence.

The police are required to enforce the law and may serve as witnesses or prosecutors. It a magistrate could be intimidated by a prosecutor or witness their independence and impartiality would be abrogated. Justice would be ultimately be crucified before the altar of impunity. The integrity of courts would vanish and the rule of might would prevail over the rule of law.

We hope every person who is interested in justice would participate in this debate, especially law students. Foroyaa will do a voice pop on this issue.


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