The list of people who are detained without trial and who have disappeared without trace is not growing shorter. The additional display of impunity became evident when Justice Mahoney ordered for Imam to be released conditionally or unconditionally, and the order is still honoured with gross disregard.

This is a period when the state and the Gambian people should engage in stock taking. A government is established to protect the citizenry from oppression. This is only possible if there is the rule of law. The rule of law is inconceivable without the courts administered by impartial and independent judges who would make decisions without being subjected to any direction or control by any other authority except the law. We are calling on the government to respect the decision of the high court in the case of Imam Ousman Sawaneh and public outcry should continue until this decision is respected.                                                                                                                                                                                          

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