All language groupings in The Gambia should refuse to be divided on the basis of blood lines. We should in fact strive to be united so as to promote national unity. The fire outbreak in Garawol is being investigated. At the moment the death of Mahamadou Ceesay has created a sense of distrust and disunity in Garawol based on caste lines. Foroyaa has called on the educated members of the Sarahule community both in English and Arabic to come together and enlighten the members of the communities to put aside traditional divisions and move towards unity to promote peace and national cohesion.

It is important for all to realise that he best way of handling such community conflict is not to allow outsiders to come and be the judge of who is right and who is wrong. Under such circumstances some will feel isolated and are likely to accuse the outsiders of biasness.

However it should be known that the world is watching and millions of Africans who have been transported and sold into slavery in the west will be traumatized if they are told that the African communities at home are at war because of caste conflict. Foroyaa is still appealing for immediate action to be taken to bring the communities together for the sake of the national interest.

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