There is a tendency for state agents to become the focus of hatred for alleged injustices perpetrated under the former government. In many cases those who fell victim under such systems would consider granting such agents justice a form of luxury.

However all must know that the just person could only have moral authority to indict the past if the present system of justice offers more protection to those who may have even perpetrated injustice under a former system of government. Any new system of government which allows injustice to be perpetrated will eventually lose every moral authority to indict the past. In fact by perpetrating injustice against those who are alleged to have perpetrated injustice equates the past with the present and thus condemn both to vilification.

It is therefore very difficult to forgive and forget when injustice has been perpetrated against one. Nonetheless one is no different from one’s aggressor if one met the same treatment to the person when he or she becomes a captive.

Hence everyone who has gone through the process of imprisonment should come out and be a human rights defend with full determination to ensure that no human being regardless of who would never suffer such fate again. Anybody who suffers injustice and then perpetrates injustice to revenge is similarly a person without conscience and human values.

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