Thursday, July 18, 2019

45,600 Bags Of Chinese Donated Rice Distributed Nationwide


Abdoulai G. Dibba

Chinese Donated Rice

 Information gathered by this medium has it that 45,600 bags of the Chinese donated rice, has so far been distributed nationwide.

according to information from the upper river region, 15 containers totalling 7,500 bags of rice, were delivered to the governor for onward distribution to the people of that region.

in the central river region, 22 containers or 11,000 bags of rice were delivered for distribution whilst in the lower river region, 7 containers or 3,500 bags were delivered. in north bank region, 8 containers or 4,000 bags were delivered for distribution and in the west coast region, 25 containers or 12,500 bags were delivered. in the kanifing municipality, 13 containers carrying 6,500 bags were delivered and in banjul city, one container of 500 bags were delivered.

when contacted on the issue, the coordinator of the taskforce responsible for the distribution of the rice, mr.musasonko, confirmed the various allocations and added that the all the deliveries at the regional level, were received by the governors.

with the banjul and kanifing municipalities that do not have governors, coordinator sonko stated that the allocations were delivered to and received by the respective mayors, who in turn handed them over to the various national assembly members within their municipalities.

readers would recall that the chinese government through its ambassador to the gambia, h.ezhangjiming, donated 2,560 metric tons of rice to the government of the gambia. the first consignment of 1,300 metric tonnes was presented to the vice president of the gambia, ajafatoumattajallow-tambajang, who was overseeing that office at the time of the presentation and the remaining consignment of 1,260 metric tonnes, which was due in july, has also been received and allocated.

statistics however show that 45,600 bags have been distributed nationwide, including the 100 bags that was first given out, to tankatanka psychiatric clinic.

foroyaa will approach the authorities on the statistics with regard to the 5,600 bags of rice that happens to be the difference.

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