Thursday, August 22, 2019

4-year ban for wrestler


By Sulayman BahA Gambian-based wrestler is set to stay out of the arena for forty-eight Mboranmonths after being banned by the Gambia Wrestling Association, Foroyaa Sport can report.Mboran of club Fekemachiboleh is found guilty of, in the words of the GWA, ‘unacceptable behaviour’ and ‘deliberately’ abandoning a combat.Mboran had entangled with opponent Leket Bu Barra but chaos began when the arbiter halted the wrestlers two minutes into allocated time after he found out the carpet to which the fight was been staged was not properly covered with sand.At that particular moment, the two were infuriated by the impromptu break by the referee, as Mboran was seen gesticulating disapprovingly and marching out of the ring. He refused to continue the fight. The situation left an impressive spectator turnout umbraged at the combat’s failure to proceed.Leket, who is unbeaten for the past two seasons, was declared the winner on verdict of the referee on account of his adversary’s failure to return to the arena.The Gambia Wrestling Association, wrapping up its investigation after obtaining the testimony of witnesses, decided to ban Mboran for four years from all wrestling activities and entering the arenas.The Matarr Jarju-led leadership backed its decision on chapter seven of article 3.2 of its constitution on abandoning matches.“Only the referee whistle can start, interrupt or stop a combat while chapter 32 article 2 says it is considered as an abandon for stepping deliberately out of the wrestling ring before the end of the fight,” indicated the statement from the wrestling governing institution.Mboran’s ban runs until 16th February 2019ReactionsClub fekemaciboleh or Mboran is yet to make a public reaction to the story but analysts familiar with the sport have described the GWA verdict as too harsh.One commentator speaking to Foroyaa Sport under anonymity condemned Mboran’s behaviour but slams the four-year decision as harsh.]]>

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