By Nelson Manneh

Awa Ceesay a 21 year old girl residing in Sukuta, is seeking assistance undergo medical treatment abroad.

The patient’s medical report from the Banjul Hospital (EFTSH) states that she has recently been diagnosed with adult congenital ventricular septal. An Echocardiogram conducted on the patient on 15thSeptember 2017, showed septal hypertrophy and a membranous defect that is 16mm with right to left shunt.

According to the report, the patient first presented at the hospital with shortness of breath and easy fatigability. This according to the report has been recurrent since her childhood. The report also indicated that she continues to suffer from intermittent episodes extensional dyspnoea, bilateral pedal oedema, weakness and cough, since her childhood.

Mr. Modou Cesay the brother of Awa Ceesay said his sister has stopped going to school due to her illness; that the doctor advised them that she cannot get married under such condition; that otherwise if she gets pregnant, it can be life threatening for her. “We are very much worried because she is 21 years and she is no more going to school,” he said.

The family calls on all and sundry, be it philanthropists, Government, NGOs or individuals, to come to their aid. The family can reached the family on the following phone numbers:3151783 or 7060306.

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