By KebbaJeffang

While addressing a delegation of supporters from Wuli Barrow kunda yesterday, 4 December, 2017,  President-elect Adama Barrow emphasized that the 2016 presidential election was free and fair as each of the contestants was represented by agents at all the polling stations across the country.

Incoming president Barrow, who is due to be inaugurated on the 19th of this month, continues to meet and interact with communities from different parts of the country.

He thanked the delegations for the visit and said the Gambians should thank God for the democratic change of government witnessed in 2016.

“The Coalition’s victory was as a result of the collective efforts of the Gambian people after realizing that strength lies in unity. The 2016 election was free and fair as all parties had their agents at polling stations and the counting was done on the spot,” he said. President elect added that as early as 1am all the contestants, including the Coalition, knew the results even before IEC declared the results,” he said.

Barrow recalled a telephone conversation he had with the interior minister informing him that President Jammeh was going to call him.

“Afterwards, I received a call from President Jammeh congratulating me on my victory and accepted defeat and said he believe in God and had “Tawheed” (Oneness in Allah) with Quran in his hands. He further told me that it’s God who gave him the position on a Friday and it’s the same God who had ended his presidency on a Friday. He also told me that Gambia’s election is not rigged and is transparent,” revealed Barrow.

He further said “I told him that I was also born on a Friday and I happened to win the presidency on a Friday.”

He said he was surprised after a week to see Jammeh going to the TV to reject the results and nullifying the election. He said they made it clear to him that he doesn’t have the power or authority to annul the election.

He assured that their government would make sure people control their power and to a level that the government will be accountable to the people.

Speaking earlier, Nfamara Jawneh, who spoke on behalf of the delegation, said their mission is to congratulate the president-elect on his resounding victory and to reaffirm their unflinching support to his government. “Our brothers in the Diaspora have also asked us to extend their congratulatory message to you. They were also very supportive of the Coalition through their financial contributions and moral support. Although, we are not putting any request for now but there are pertinent issues we consider urgent as our road is in a deplorable condition and you can attest to that during your campaign,” he said.

President-elect also met Jarra Tonyataba and Jeshwang fishing communities on the same day.

The meeting was also attended by Dr. IsatouTouray, a member of the executive of the coalition.


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